Monday, April 5, 2010

Party at the Browns!

This weekend Jacob, Molly, and I piled into my Saturn and drove the many miles up highway 89 to get to the Brown's house. Molly was a super good traveler. We got there late Thursday night and I was surprised to see snow. I was still wearing some plaid summer shorts from when I left.

Ever since Matt and Kamilla moved I've been itching to go up there. Jacob had a mission reunion so we used to opportunity to attend and visit the Brown's at the same time. We got to see Beckham, Lincoln, Kollette, and Atreyu and everyone got to see how Molly is growing. I can't believe we all have kids now!

We listened to General Conference with them and celebrated Easter. I noticed that many of the talks were directed to parents, especially mothers. I thought about how grateful I am for my mother who always set an example of gentle love and kindness. I also thought how happy I am to be a mother myself. Having little Molly in my life is a tremendous joy.