Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Smart phone, smart life

Today is peaceful, a nice break in our crazy routine. Our life has been jam packed lately, I mean stuffed to the brim with activity. Jacob's schedule is more busy than mine. He works full time, is president of the young men's organization in church, and is taking more than a full load at school. When he get's home he usually makes time to take Molly off my hands so I can have a break, or so I can cook dinner, or go running. So, even though he is busy he is still a great dad.

My time has been occupied with Molly, teaching tai chi four times a week, and being part of a stake play. Our church put on a play for the community about how the pioneers founded this area. I know, it sounds so exciting right? Well, now that its all said and done, I actually enjoyed it. Some of the characters in the play were based off of the Rogers family. I got excited when I realized that this history actually applies to me. While I was at practices and performances Jacob would watch Molly. Some of the time he couldn't because of school so she tagged along. Poor girl has been dragged to a lot of places lately. On the night of the last performance Jacob not only took care of Molly but he bought me a really fun smart phone. Now that I have my cool new phone I can keep our busy life organized with just the touch of a screen. I can keep in touch with everyone, and I can always be informed and entertained. These new phones really are amazing!

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